18 January 2015

"The Walking Museum" Part Three: Winter 2015 Mini Collection - Empire Waist One Piece Dress

It's time for Part Three, garment three - The Empire Waist One Piece Dress! All three garments are now revealed in full!

Missed Parts One and Two? You're missing out! You can read and view Part One here and Part Two here

Part Three is a go! It's hard for me to pick a favorite out of all of these, but I think the OP is probably my favorite of the three. I had no idea I would have enough fabric for it, but in the end it was JUST ENOUGH. Like I was literally squishing in the pattern pieces to the fabric layout! I was so lucky to make it work, and sewing it was a breeze in comparison to the other pieces. The Underbust JSK gave me the most trouble, but it did teach me a lot in the process. 

All in all I couldn't be more pleased with how they all came out and how popular they became! I wish so much that I had lots more fabric. It was fun coming up with different designs using the same fabrics. It was like a challenge! 

Oh yes, photos, the real reason you are here. Let's go!

The Walking Museum
Empire Waist One Piece Dress

The Front
The Bodice features a gold brocade embroidered metallic ribbon at the waist with detachable bow. There is also gold lace along the princess seams, and embroidered lace across with gold braiding. The sleeves are elasticated raglan puff sleeves trimmed with black power mesh. 

The Side
Surprise! I added a bustle! Let's look...

The Back
The bustle in it's full glory. You all know I'm a bustle addict. It's literally my favorite clothing detail in Lolita Fashion and many of my handmades feature a bustle someway somehow. This bustle is made out of black poly taffeta, so it swishes as you move! Very regal! I also overlaid the ruffles with a floral lace fabric - something else I've been doing a lot lately with my bustles. There are also super long waist ties for the added flair (also detachable). The back is partially shirred as well with the usual ribbon lacing. Both the waist ties and the lacing are black grosgrain. 

Details details...
You can see the trims and fabrics better in these images.

I'm really in love with the gold trims here. They all came together perfectly. Secret: The gold lace at the princess lines is an old beading lace I removed the ribbon from and cut in half. I had it left over from another old project. You'd never know! (Well now you do, ha!)

Added the Moss Marchen accessories again~
The gold waist ribbon reminds me of Byzantium, I guess thats why I loved it so much as soon as I saw it. What I would do for a Byzantine printed fabric...


Shirring details.

It's a different edging lace from the High Waist Skirt. It was also a lace I had on hand. I hoarded yards upon yards of this lace and I'm going to make sure it gets used up. But yes, I used the black Chinese braiding again. Looks like I'm going to hoard braidings next. They are also quite inexpensive. This chunky one was only $2 per yard. Slimmer ones could be as low as $0.50/yd! They also come in every color under the sun, expect to pay a little more for metallic ones though.

Now it's time for...

Name That Painting!

I need a little help identifying all the paintings that were used in this fabric. Can you tell me their names? Art History buffs I need you! They all are familiar to me, but I can't recall their names or who painted them and when. 

Louis XVI? Circa?

Mystery fans...not sure if this is an actual painting or what. My hunch is that they are scans of antique fans or some mashup vector art of some kind.

Who is this lovely lady?

And this famous still life I swear I've seen in person before. I would swear it's is or was on display at the MET...

Who can uncover they mystery of all the images and name all the paintings? 
Whoever can comment first with all the answers will win a free little trinket from me! An accessory that coordinates with this collections' black and gold details.

Oh but hey guys, I'm not through with you yet! I also made coordinating headdresses for these items! Those will be revealed tomorrow, Monday January 19th, 12PM EST like we have been! I'm on a roll aren't I? There will be no shortage of content from me anymore.

Many more projects are in the works, stick with me!

Thank you for reading and viewing and I hope you have enjoyed these posts! Comment and let me know what you think! 


  1. This is the one i am drooling over ever since i saw you working on it. Whoever got this is a lucky lucky lady (or gent of course). You are so talented, if i could sew like you I would never again need to buy any brand, i'd just make things that are even nicer like this. Congrats Aria, keep rocking!

  2. The guys is King George III, painting by Allan Ramsey, 1765; the woman is Charlotte Philippine de Chatre de Cange, Marquise de Lamure, a pastel by Charles Antoine Coypel; and the fruit painting is called "Basket with Peaches and Grapes" by Louise Moillon, 1631. The fans one is so general, I haven't been able to find that one anywhere.

  3. Art History was so long ago for me BUT I do appreciate the chance to see the detail pics of this dress! SUCH AMAZING DETAIL! You have truly outdone yourself!

  4. Thank you so much! It's been promised to a lovely lolita in the Netherlands! I think you might know her through facebook? I guess we'll see one she gets it!

    But thank you so much Jo, I really am determined now to make my wardrobe for awhile so I can own a mostly handmade collection. I have many brand items I own, many more that I want and love, but I have so much of a closer bond with my handmades, its unparalleled. I will keep going because I have no shortage of ideas!

  5. Thank you for uncovering all the details!! And for this you will be receiving a special gift with your JSK! I don't know exactly what it is yet, so it's a surprise xD

  6. No worries, the mystery had been uncovered! But again Nicole, thank you so much for your open admiration of my work, I really appreciate your support!