01 September 2015

"Memories of Byzantium" Collection - Piece One - Gilded Jumperskirt

Hello everyone! Here I am again with the beginning of a brand new collection, "Memories of Byzantium" inspired by, as you probably can tell by the name, the Byzantine Era of history known for it's glorious Christian iconography and the use of golden, pearlized, and jeweled details. This is an era of history that really inspires me very much, and I've always wanted to make Lolita pieces inspired by this iconic era. I really love Christian iconography and understand it's spiritual significance. Many people have mixed feelings on this subject in fashion, but I personally appreciate it very much.

I made this first piece for my own personal wardrobe, to debut in an opulent Gothic Lolita ensemble for Day 2 at RuffleCon this year!

So let's begin with the photos!

Piece One - Gilded JSK
(Click the images for larger versions)

This dress features a cotton jewel toned cross print (Michael Miller's Golden Angel Divine Crosses, which you can buy here at Fabric.com), black cotton jacquard bodice fabric, and various gilded trims including gold beading lace, gold and jewel toned jacquard and organza ribbons, and black scalloped Cluny lace. 

I did my usual partial shirring in the back and laced it with the gold trimmed organza ribbon. I left the ties long for a more dramatic effect. I'm not really into waist ties at the moment, so I think I prefer doing long ties in my lacing backs for a bit. 

Closeups of the trims. I trimmed the straps with the gold beading lace that I also used around the hem. I also cut the lace in half and used it in the princess seams. Then I added this polyester trim around the top of the bodice that looks sort of like inlaid jewels. At first, I thought the trim seemed a bit cheap, but in turned out to be the perfect touch.

I used gold tassels at the ends of the jacquard ribbon tails. The tails are supposed to mimic the look of clergy robes. 

Closeup of the tassel. They are fairly large and I really like how the look pulled together.

Closeup of the laces I used at the hem. In addition to the golden beading lace, I used cotton edging lace and embroidered tulle lace (attached to the hem of the lining.)

I used the flat cotton lace to make a cross on the front bodice. I really like this detail most. I love the contrast in textures. 

And that's it! Next I'm making a headdress and veil to coordinate with this! You will see it in my next post. I'm just about done with the headdress and I still have the veil to make. It should be quite a dramatic look and I'm really excited to wear everything!

So I did say this was the first piece in the collection right? I will be making a raglan sleeve One Piece dress and a High Waist skirt using these fabrics and trims! I will however be selling them under the Lilith et Adalia label over on Etsy sometime at the beginning of next year - accompanied by a few other Religious themed pieces. Look out for that!

I have one more dress to make before Rufflecon, which is only a month away! I have to hurry. My next piece is a Rococo inspired dress that is long in the making, and it will be for the Sunday High Tea. I hope that I finish in time!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time!