24 July 2012

Two completed skirts! Return after a long hiatus...

Hello everyone! Sorry again for the unannounced long absence! I seem to do this a lot, but I only like posting when I actually have things to show, and I hadn't for quite a bit. My past semester was rather busy...my first semester doing strictly children's clothing! At a later point, I will probably make a post with those garments.

But right now, I come with completed lolita skirts!

First, this Pink Seersucker Skirt I made for a friend of mines...

It's a fairly simplistic design, but I like it a lot. It will be very easy and versatile to coordinate. She likes it very much, and I'll be getting it to her soon. It was a long time in the making! She gave me the fabric, and asked if I could do anything with it. I kept the fabric in my closet for about a year, and then randomly I finally did something with it. I had it half finished around January, and abandoned it again, until I crunched and finished it up the past couple months. 

I need to stop doing that! From now on, I just need to push through and complete my projects!

I did the same thing with this skirt, started working on it intensely for 3 days, then dropped it for 3 weeks, and finally finished it today. (There will be no excuses with commissions though of course! But I haven't been doing any of those lately.) 

Anyway, photos ahoy!

Some information:
- It's shirred in the front and back, and zips at the side. Corset lacing at the front only and the back is plain.
- The fabric is a medium weight toile, and it isn't lined because I figure it would be too heavy, but the insides are fully clean finished of course.
- It's trimmed with crochet beading lace and antique while cotton lace on the hem.

Sizing: Fits a 28"- 32" waist max. Length is 22" from the waist.

Note: This has a little zip issue. I used an invisible zip, but you have to be careful when zipping. I notice with invisible zippers, sometimes theres trouble when zipping over the bulk of the waist (this even happens with many brand dresses). I think in the future, I will be using less of these and more regular zippers with a placket to avoid the zip difficulty. 

This is for sale! I may have some friends interested, but I'm opening it up to anyone!

My asking price right now is $120 + shipping, but it's negotiable!

Last but not least, I did a test coordinate with it! This is a Morigirl x Lolita Classical look. I think with the forest-like print of the fabric, it's suitable! I hope this inspires whoever decides to maybe buy this from me (or for your own sewing projects and personal coordinates!)

All other items are not made my me, besides the crocheted flower pin (and the skirt of course, lol)
The vest is from the morigirl brand Wonder Rocket, and the fur collar is off of one of my coats.
I love Morigirl x Lolita, it's my personal favorite way to wear Classic Lolita these days!

That's all for now everyone. I hope to have at least two more garments to show for before the summer ends! My fabric stash is still huge, I have a lot to get made.