10 July 2013

Part Three: My First Photo Shoot: Feeling Like a True Professional

Again, it's been quite some time since my last post! 
It took awhile for me to get the pictures from the shoot, so it took me some time to get this post up. I hope to have some more steady posts for you soon.

So lets get to business!

At the end of my last semester at FIT, I got the greatest opportunity to have my garments shot on a live model by a photography student! It was an exchange, she would have things for her portfolio and I would have professional grade images of my garments! I was so excited to have this opportunity.

I arrived at the photography studio class in the mid-morning. I'd met with photographer, Hana, previously  and we discussed and collaborated on everything for the shoot. I had 4 garments for photographing, and my model was ready to go. 

Hana got a model from Future Faces NYC for us to work with. Her name was Brooke, she's 5 years old, and she arrived soon afterward with her dad. She was new to the company, and this was her first photoshoot as well (as it was mines). She was very cute and sweet and it was a real pleasure working with her. She was cooperative and patient. We couldn't have asked for anyone better.

When the photoshoot was over, I asked Brooke which dress was her favorite of mines, she said "I dunno..." with the sweetest voice, and I asked then if she liked them all, and she was like "Yes!"

I couldn't of been happier. My ultimate goal is for my designs to appeal to my targeted customer, in this case, young girls. I also realize more and more that Children's Wear, especially girls apparel  is my true passion in life. 

So without further adue, here's the photos!

Click the smaller images to see them bigger!


All the dresses fit her so perfectly! I really felt like all my hard work paid off and that what I was doing in life was right. I love fashion, I love Children's Wear, and I see myself sticking with it, career wise, for life. 

My next post in this little blog series will be about my plans for future career wise. Hopefully by then I can reveal an exciting surprise about my future that I hope to make reality.

Look out for my next post! Also I hope to  have a lolita completion to share. Don't worry everyone, I haven't left lolita, I've just been focusing on other things for quite some time, but I'm slowly getting back into the lolita world again. Alternative fashion is also and will always be a great passion of mines as well.