19 January 2011

Another Mini Update~ New Projects in the Making!

Sorry for the lack of posts once again!
My past semester in school was a real doozy. I completed my term garment without an hour to spare, pulling an all-nighter the night before it was due, and in the end, I was really only 80% satisfied with it. However, my fellow classmates and friends thought otherwise, and I got an A on it from my professor. I'm proud yes, but I wish I had done it differently, as in the overall design and fabric choice. 

I would share pictures, but because of some computer issues I'm unable to upload and edit the pictures right now, so next post I promise I'll have photos of the completed evening gown for everyone :)

Life goes on, and so does sewing!
I have three projects lined up for myself at the moment, plus two commissions I'm working on, so within the next few months, expect to see some garments!

What I have lined up for myself: 
A Simple Black Cotton long sleeved Bolero
Loosely inspired by this one: http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/mary-magdalene/type/cutsew-and-knit/item/2/
It will have a ruffle and crocheted lace along the neckline, possibly on the hem as well and more "fluffed out" ties at the bust (since it'll be made out of a cotton woven and not jersey or any knit weave type fabric)
I made the pattern draft, I just need to make the draft for the sleeve, and then the final finished pattern and I have everything I need to start sewing it :) After I make this first one, I will probably make more in various colors and styles, some to keep and some to sell.

"Old School Lolita" Onepiece Dress
It's black with black lace. The bodice has a crocheted lace cross on the front, beading lace "cage" around the skirt, and in between the beading lace "cage" strips, there will be lace crosses all around the hem, and a lace trimmed ruffle on the bottom. I think I should totally make a rectangle headdress with this! And then also a black half bonnet later on.

Virgin Mary JSK with Black Velveteen Bodice
Here is the fabric, maybe some of you recognize it:

The basic jist of the design is that the skirt portion only of this JSK will be in this fabric, while the bodice will be black Velveteen, shirred in the center front, (and possibly the center back also) in this style with the ribbon lacing http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/innocent-world/type/jsk/item/2/
But with the bodice shaping more like this http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/innocent-world/type/jsk/item/31/
I'm going to keep it simple. The skirt portion will have black beading lace around the hem and lace trim on the edge, but that's it. No hem ruffle or anything like that like I often do.

And here's a simple list of a few more things that will soon follow, (though my fourth semester at school will be starting in 2 weeks, and it seems like it will be harder than all the prior ones so I won't be able to make as much things as fast as I would want to, as I will be devoting almost all my time to school work and sewing)

Summer Floral Onepiece Dress
Classic-Sweet Lavender JSK with White Lace
Classic-Sweet Rose Pink JSK with Antique White lace
Gobelin Tapestry Fabric Underbust JSK w/ Brown Corduroy or Velveteen Bodice
High Waist Toile Bustle Skirt with Overlay Lace and Underskirt

And lastly, a listing of some of my random brainstorm of project ideas, and links to things I've completed over the years:

My goal is to finish everything I mentioned in this post by mid-summer, so wish me luck!
My posting frequency will be few and far between, and I apologize, but expect awesome things when I do make posts.

And a huge welcome to all my new followers! 91 and counting. Thank you to those of you who link to me on your blog sidebars, and mention my blog to other people. I really appreciate it! I want to revamp the layout for this blog soon, and I'll have my own set of "Blogs I Love"~

Take care everyone :) And thank you for all your wonderful comments and feedback!