06 October 2009

Brown Toile Jumperskirt!

So a few weeks ago, I completed my Brown bustle JSK. I'm quite pleased with the end results!

Here is the initial fabric:

These frames are just gorgeous. They feature a Shepard and his sheep, the outer frame decorated with birds, flowers, vines, and what look to be wrought metal pieces. Its an upholstery weight fabric that proved excellent for sewing, and is also very warm for the current cold weather months.

Now to progress photos. Here you can see step by step how this dress came together!

And now, the completed dress.





I also made an Ivory base headdress with a detachable bow to match the JSK. From now on, I'm going to make my headdresses with detachable parts so I can mix and match. That way I won't have to make a whole new base when I want my headdresses to match something. Versatility is key, as well as practicality!

And finally, a photo of the dress worn by me!

I hope you liked it! I feel this is the best dress I've made so far, but there will be more in the future!I also hope I get lucky at the fabric store again; this fabric was a rare gem for a great price ($5 a yard!)

The next projects are possibly as follows:
Blue Taffeta High Waist Corset Skirt
Mint JSK with Pin-tucked yoke (possibly with mint dyed lace)
Triple Hem Ruffle Aristocrat Skirt

Also my first commission, in this same fabric!
Long Brown Toile JSK

I also hope to make a natural kei styled garment somewhere in between these, so stay tuned!