19 November 2014

Completion and Sale: Antique Lavender Bustle OP with Gold Lace and Embroidered Organza Ribbon Lacing

Finally a new completion! And yes, it's yet another Classic Lolita OP! I delved into the land of OTT Classic yet again with this piece. I'm very happy with the results!

This dress was in part inspired by various Classic Lolita dresses from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. I can't say any specific one, but one of the pieces that heavily inspired the dress was their "Sonnet for Juliet" series...

You be the judge. Onto the pictures!
(Sorry about the poor lighting quality.!I get home late on the weekdays, and the sunlight is so minimal now that it's becoming winter. I should have waited to take photos on the weekend in the daylight, but even then I'm quite busy! I just couldn't wait any longer! I hope you enjoy anyway.)

The Front
This dress has a more high-waist silhouette. The bodice ends about 2" above the natural waist, however it is not a true empire waist. It's a little in between, but I think it's still quite flattering. The angle here is making the ruffle appear larger than it actually is proportionally. The fabric is another amazing find from Shabby Fabrics, the original fabric design from the Mary Rose Collection. It's a floral postcard print with script lettering and red and pink rose clusters. 

Side View
Here you can see the bustle. Each ruffle is overlaid with metallic gold lace and trimmed at the hem with looped ivory cluny lace. The bottom ruffle is also trimmed with it.

The Back
The back is half shirred with elastic and double faced satin ribbon lacing.

Now for some detail photos. I'm afraid even with a little color adjustment, these images don't really show the dress true to color, but I did include some that get close. It looks very brownish, but I assure you, it is an antique lavender color. It's a strange color to describe. 

Even the hem has embroidered gold tulle lace! Such a lovely find. I bought it at the local trim store called Pacific Trimmings (located on 38th St and 7th Ave in NYC). I always find great things there. You can also see the metallic quality of the overlay lace on the bustle ruffles better here. The ruffles themselves are an off white cotton.

Here you can see the tulle lace I used on the bodice. It's a soft ivory embroidered tulle lace. There is also the pretty ivory and gold braiding trim I used here and also on the hem.

The bodice features a decorational corset detail on the sides (reminiscent of Sonnet for Juliet). The golden organza embroidered ribbons are both functional and removable. You can interchange between any ribbons you like. There is also a bow at the center of the ruching ruffle (not however detachable).
(Also note the lovely rosary necklace from Moss Marchen that matches quite well!)

Detail photo of the side panel lacing.

Closeup. You can see the gold embroidery on the ribbon better here. 

This closeup represents somewhat more true to the actual dress color. 

The hem details can also be seen more clearly here. 

And for fun, here are a few more detail photos that represent the true color a bit better. I played with the light from my lamp to get these effects and color representations. 

Hope you all enjoyed the photos! I'm super pleased with this dress and I would love to keep it, but not only do I have a few other dresses planned to make for myself, I have to part with a few of my darlings to get my work out into the world!

How would you coordinate this dress? I'd be so interested to know!

Sales Information:
Price: $260 + Shipping & PayPal fees
Highly Negotiable!
Feel free to make offers!

I am located in NYC, USA.
Shipping fees will be calculated based on your location.
I will only send packages tracked, I do not send untracked shipments.
I'm not responsible for loss in the mail. Please make sure your shipping information is as accurate as possible. I will confirm shipping before sending.

Remember, this is a one of a kind dress that no one else will own anything like it!

Size Information:
Dress Length: 36 1/2" from Shoulder
Skirt Length from Natural Waist: 21"
(Dress bodice comes above the natural waist approx. 2")
Bust: 32"~36"max
Waist: 26"~32" max

3 Payments - First Payment $100 - Second and Third Payment - The remaining funds as desired.
2 Payments - Half and Half
All payments must be made in approx. 3-4 weeks post sale date, but we can discuss terms as you see fit. I am open to negotiation.
Anyone offering to pay in full upfront gets priority for the sale.

I have some sales feedback here if you would like:
(A bit outdated as I've been off comm for quite some time, but feedback nonetheless)

If you are interested, please leave a comment below!
My Paypal: punkneko66[at]gmail[dot]com

Oh and in related news...
Lilith et Adalia will be doing Women's sizing now!
Everyone has been asking for it, so we thought, to hell with it, why not?
So we will be serving our frilly lovers with clothing for children and adults! Excited? I know I am! 

I will be starting off by reinterpreting our original designs into Women's versions. After that, we will be doing new and original pieces in way of capsule collections. We will also offer new sizes in Children's dresses and offer other clothing items and accessories! We have big things planned but it will take some time to get afloat, but we aren't giving up! 

Please continue your support, we'd appreciate it!

I will still be doing personal sewing projects for myself and friends, but eventually I will exclusively be working on things for the brand, all of which will be cross posted here on my blog ongoing!

Thank you all for reading and following me!  Lots of new projects coming, I promise!