12 March 2015

Completion: Virgin de Guadeloupe Collection Reboot: Underbust Skirt and JSK

Wow, let me tell you, this version of the Virgin de Guadeloupe has been in my head for years. Many of you remember the first Virgin JSK I made way back in 2011. Towards the end I make small mention of my idea of making versions in this colorway too. Well, after about four years, I finally did it! 

Instead of velveteen, I decided to use this green brocade fabric. It was so easy to sew with and it's very thick and sturdy. The only think you have to be weary about is snagging the satin jacquard threads, but as with all Lolita garments, take care! It's the nature of the stuff sometimes you know? 

Both of these pieces are not made to fit my dressform, as they are a little larger to fit my customers who are purchasing these. I cinched them in to fit, so I apologize if anything looks a little wonky or ill-fitting, you may not be able to tell though. The range for these pieces are 30"-36" waists opposed to my usual 26"-32" waists. I'm slowly learning how to accommodate larger sizes and I hope everything fits well! I can fix it a bit if not for them, at no charge of course! It should only be a matter of letting out some of the shirring. But I really hope I got it right the first time.

So lets get to those photos shall we?