29 November 2015

Powder Blue Floral Rococo Inspired One Piece Dress Completion

I'm back with my most recent project! This dress is about five years overdue, and I actually finished it in September right before Rufflecon, but I've been a bit busy (ahem more like lazy, haha) recently so I only got to take official photos today!

This dress is remotely inspired by the Mary Magdelene OP here. I really liked this dress, and I wanted to make one like it for years. I bought this floral fabric from the Mary Rose Collection around 2010-2011, and it sat in a drawer until very recently. I decided that I was going to push forward and make this dress in time for the Rufflecon High Tea. Let's jump into the photos now shall we?

The Front - Trimmed with self fabric hand done ruching ruffles, chinese braid, satin-organza ribbons, and ivory pearls. The center of the dress is made of off white cotton striped seersucker.

The Side - You can see the princess sleeves here trimmed with embroidered lace.

The Back - Originally I wanted to do a faux sacque back evoking the "Robe a la Francaise" but I ran out of floral fabric. I had only scraps left! 

Bodice Details - That last button is a little off I know, haha. The neckline ruffle is trimmed with looped cluny lace and Chinese braid.

I intended for the bodice to dip more in the front, but it didn't turn out as extreme, but it's okay. And boy, did that ruching take long. Again, it was all hand ruffled (my sewing machine ruffles for me, but I always have to hand adjust) 

Added this brooch detail last minute with some leftover ribbon and a button finding. It's removable.

I also added double looped bows with pearls. I made the bows myself and added the pearls to the centers.

A closeup of the embroidered lace on the princess sleeves. I also added bows here.

You can see the seersucker texture better here.

The embroidered lace is also on the hem attached to the lining. The looped cluny lace is on the hem of the dress too. And yes, I machine hemmed and serged the edges of all that ruching, crazy!

And there you go! Bonus picture of me wearing it at Rufflecon!

There are a lot of things I would change about this outfit, it was a bit rushed, but next time! This dress is so extravagant though that it's not at all for everyday wear. Next time I wear it, I will probably do an updo hairstyle or fancy ponytail, a natural colored wig, a pearl choker, and a large headpiece with feathers. And of course different shoes. 

I plan on making other Rococo styled OP's in the future. There is so much variation that can be done! I also want to try my hand at a more authentic longer length gown. 

Thanks for viewing! I have more projects underway. Soon I will be preparing for Rufflecon 2016 where Lilith et Adalia will be showing in the fashion show and selling in the Marketplace! So it's about to be a very busy year. Expect lots of progress posts!

01 September 2015

"Memories of Byzantium" Collection - Piece One - Gilded Jumperskirt

Hello everyone! Here I am again with the beginning of a brand new collection, "Memories of Byzantium" inspired by, as you probably can tell by the name, the Byzantine Era of history known for it's glorious Christian iconography and the use of golden, pearlized, and jeweled details. This is an era of history that really inspires me very much, and I've always wanted to make Lolita pieces inspired by this iconic era. I really love Christian iconography and understand it's spiritual significance. Many people have mixed feelings on this subject in fashion, but I personally appreciate it very much.

I made this first piece for my own personal wardrobe, to debut in an opulent Gothic Lolita ensemble for Day 2 at RuffleCon this year!

So let's begin with the photos!

Piece One - Gilded JSK
(Click the images for larger versions)

This dress features a cotton jewel toned cross print (Michael Miller's Golden Angel Divine Crosses, which you can buy here at Fabric.com), black cotton jacquard bodice fabric, and various gilded trims including gold beading lace, gold and jewel toned jacquard and organza ribbons, and black scalloped Cluny lace. 

I did my usual partial shirring in the back and laced it with the gold trimmed organza ribbon. I left the ties long for a more dramatic effect. I'm not really into waist ties at the moment, so I think I prefer doing long ties in my lacing backs for a bit. 

Closeups of the trims. I trimmed the straps with the gold beading lace that I also used around the hem. I also cut the lace in half and used it in the princess seams. Then I added this polyester trim around the top of the bodice that looks sort of like inlaid jewels. At first, I thought the trim seemed a bit cheap, but in turned out to be the perfect touch.

I used gold tassels at the ends of the jacquard ribbon tails. The tails are supposed to mimic the look of clergy robes. 

Closeup of the tassel. They are fairly large and I really like how the look pulled together.

Closeup of the laces I used at the hem. In addition to the golden beading lace, I used cotton edging lace and embroidered tulle lace (attached to the hem of the lining.)

I used the flat cotton lace to make a cross on the front bodice. I really like this detail most. I love the contrast in textures. 

And that's it! Next I'm making a headdress and veil to coordinate with this! You will see it in my next post. I'm just about done with the headdress and I still have the veil to make. It should be quite a dramatic look and I'm really excited to wear everything!

So I did say this was the first piece in the collection right? I will be making a raglan sleeve One Piece dress and a High Waist skirt using these fabrics and trims! I will however be selling them under the Lilith et Adalia label over on Etsy sometime at the beginning of next year - accompanied by a few other Religious themed pieces. Look out for that!

I have one more dress to make before Rufflecon, which is only a month away! I have to hurry. My next piece is a Rococo inspired dress that is long in the making, and it will be for the Sunday High Tea. I hope that I finish in time!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time!

10 August 2015

Cross Post~ Lilith et Adalia: Women's Collection - Dress One - "Vienna de Lune" Chemise Dress Debut

Cross Posting from our Blog over at Lilith et Adalia! Our first Women's Wear Collection piece is complete and will be going up for sale on our Etsy Shop this Wednesday August 12th at 8PM EST!

Just a few images on my end. 
See more detailed photos and get more information in the original blog post!

It's been a little quiet around here but I've been keeping busy! I have a ton of projects in work in the next few months. If you follow me on my Facebook Page or my Instagram, I post what I'm working on much more often and you can see pieces literally as they come to fruition in real time.

Rufflecon is fast approaching, so I have two dresses to make for myself before the weekend of October 2nd! I will be wearing handmade dresses and accessories all weekend long!

I will be here with detailed photos of everything I have made as son as they are complete!

Thank you for viewing, and I would love it if you all could support Lilith et Adalia too, which soon I will be exclusively selling the things I make under that name. Many of you have been following my work for years and I appreciate you all sticking around this long!

With love,
Aria Macabre

12 April 2015

Commission: Black Organza Overskirt and Black Lace Rectangle Headdress + Veil

Hello everyone! Just thought I'd do a quick post to reveal my latest projects, which were commissions for a friend of mines! She requested to have a black organza overskirt made that was reminiscent of Angelic Pretty stylings. The tiered skirt style was inspired by the Crystal Dream Carnival Tiered JSK and the cascade bow was inspired by the one on Milky Cross.

She also requested a rectangular headdress and veil inspired by the Katrina veil style. We both really loved that one and when I had mentioned I wanted to make something like it, she jumped at the idea of having one for herself! She however wanted her veil to be longer.

So anyway, lets get to the photos shall we?

Coordinated with AatP Name of the Rose JSK, Pumkin Cat Chiffon Blouse, and Jewelry from Moss Marchen.

The organza is very full and fluffy. Lots and lots of yardage went into the creation of this! The second tier has about 200 inches of fabric in it believe it or not! The front is cut away just like the style that inspired it, and I even managed to find lace to trim the edges that is strikingly similar to the kind AP uses! I was so excited when I found it in the local trim store. 

The waist is fully elastic and ties at the front with a hidden satin ribbon. The bow at the front is detachable with brooch pins and so are the cascades! You can take it off and wear them on multiple things! I'm really pleased with how this turned out, even though the organza was a bit hard to work with at times. I do plan on making more in the future, but first I need to make one for myself! I have a few ideas for different styled ones, such as asymmetrical, ruffle hemmed, different colors... 

Now for the headdress and veil!

I'm super happy with this one too! It gave me a few mishaps, but in the end I think it turned out okay. The veil is a rectangular shape as well and is long at the sides and picks up at the back when worn. This is a waist length veil, as requested. The headdress is all black with embroidered lace and braiding details that I find are becoming my signature. The headdress attaches to the veil through tiny slits I made and secured the opening with thread binding by hand so it wouldn't tear. The original Katrina veil has a similar finishing, thus where the idea came from!

I really need to make one of these for myself soon! I think I will make my veil shorter though and in a different shape. 

So that's everything for now! I hope you all liked them! I have so man more projects in the works coming up (maybe too many!) so wish me luck in successfully completing it all!

01 April 2015

Dixmacabre Sewing Chronicle: Now on Facebook!

Hello followers!  I bring some quick news!

I just wanted to let you all know that I have a new page on Facebook for you all to follow my work! I will still be posting here on Blogger every time I complete a project, but if you would like to see things as they happen, please like my new page! There, you will be the first to know when I have something new, and see updates in real time!

12 March 2015

Completion: Virgin de Guadeloupe Collection Reboot: Underbust Skirt and JSK

Wow, let me tell you, this version of the Virgin de Guadeloupe has been in my head for years. Many of you remember the first Virgin JSK I made way back in 2011. Towards the end I make small mention of my idea of making versions in this colorway too. Well, after about four years, I finally did it! 

Instead of velveteen, I decided to use this green brocade fabric. It was so easy to sew with and it's very thick and sturdy. The only think you have to be weary about is snagging the satin jacquard threads, but as with all Lolita garments, take care! It's the nature of the stuff sometimes you know? 

Both of these pieces are not made to fit my dressform, as they are a little larger to fit my customers who are purchasing these. I cinched them in to fit, so I apologize if anything looks a little wonky or ill-fitting, you may not be able to tell though. The range for these pieces are 30"-36" waists opposed to my usual 26"-32" waists. I'm slowly learning how to accommodate larger sizes and I hope everything fits well! I can fix it a bit if not for them, at no charge of course! It should only be a matter of letting out some of the shirring. But I really hope I got it right the first time.

So lets get to those photos shall we? 

19 January 2015

"The Walking Museum" - BONUS - Accessories Post

So to accompany this collection, I made coordinating headdresses!
[If you haven't already, see the coordinating collection: Part I | Part II | Part III]

I made both a circular and rectangular headdress and adorned them with gold details as with the garments from the collection. Both bases are made from the black flocked fabric I used in the garments from the collection.

Let's begin with the photos!

The Circular Headdress ($35) - SOLD
Adorned with black embroidered lace, a gold embroidered ribbon, chiffon and mesh detachable flower, gold tassel, and black and green removable feathers. 

[Click the photos to revel the gallery]

I used the reverse side of the embroidered ribbon mistakenly when making the bow, but it's still quite pretty.

Images flat.

The Rectangular Headdress ($45) - SOLD
Made with two styles of embroidered tulle laces, one embroidered with flowers, the other with tiny bow shapes. It has the same embroidered ribbon bows, but on each side. There is also striped organza ribbon cascading at the sides as well. On top I've stitched the coordinating gold metallic Chinese braiding. This was made to directly coordinate with the trims on the One Piece Dress.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out! I haven't made a rectangular headdress since my first attempt at making one in 2007, and it was quite a failure (scratchy black raschel lace and all...) So I'm glad I was able to create something so much more beautiful now. I plan to make one for myself soon, as these ones will be at first for sale to the buyers of the pieces in the collection, and then open to others to buy otherwise. 

Some flat photos!

I love making accessories. They don't take very long and the results are instantly gratifying. 

I hope you all liked them, thanks for viewing!
Comments highly appreciated!