12 April 2015

Commission: Black Organza Overskirt and Black Lace Rectangle Headdress + Veil

Hello everyone! Just thought I'd do a quick post to reveal my latest projects, which were commissions for a friend of mines! She requested to have a black organza overskirt made that was reminiscent of Angelic Pretty stylings. The tiered skirt style was inspired by the Crystal Dream Carnival Tiered JSK and the cascade bow was inspired by the one on Milky Cross.

She also requested a rectangular headdress and veil inspired by the Katrina veil style. We both really loved that one and when I had mentioned I wanted to make something like it, she jumped at the idea of having one for herself! She however wanted her veil to be longer.

So anyway, lets get to the photos shall we?

Coordinated with AatP Name of the Rose JSK, Pumkin Cat Chiffon Blouse, and Jewelry from Moss Marchen.

The organza is very full and fluffy. Lots and lots of yardage went into the creation of this! The second tier has about 200 inches of fabric in it believe it or not! The front is cut away just like the style that inspired it, and I even managed to find lace to trim the edges that is strikingly similar to the kind AP uses! I was so excited when I found it in the local trim store. 

The waist is fully elastic and ties at the front with a hidden satin ribbon. The bow at the front is detachable with brooch pins and so are the cascades! You can take it off and wear them on multiple things! I'm really pleased with how this turned out, even though the organza was a bit hard to work with at times. I do plan on making more in the future, but first I need to make one for myself! I have a few ideas for different styled ones, such as asymmetrical, ruffle hemmed, different colors... 

Now for the headdress and veil!

I'm super happy with this one too! It gave me a few mishaps, but in the end I think it turned out okay. The veil is a rectangular shape as well and is long at the sides and picks up at the back when worn. This is a waist length veil, as requested. The headdress is all black with embroidered lace and braiding details that I find are becoming my signature. The headdress attaches to the veil through tiny slits I made and secured the opening with thread binding by hand so it wouldn't tear. The original Katrina veil has a similar finishing, thus where the idea came from!

I really need to make one of these for myself soon! I think I will make my veil shorter though and in a different shape. 

So that's everything for now! I hope you all liked them! I have so man more projects in the works coming up (maybe too many!) so wish me luck in successfully completing it all!


  1. I love organza, but boy is it hard to work with! I'm glad your projects turned out well. It makes me want to finish my organza based projects. I hope my organza over skirt I make for RuffleCon looks half as good as yours.

  2. Ahhh everything is so gorgeous! I especially love the Milky-Cross style bow <3
    I can't wait to see your next projects!


  3. You'll never cease to amaze me. This is an amazing job from start to finish.
    I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

  4. As always thank you soooo much!! <3

  5. Oh it is indeed! It rips easily, frays very quickly, and slides around a lot x_x Such a hassle! But the results are really worth it I must say.

    I bet yours would be fab! I'd love to see it in person as I will be attending too!

  6. Both pieces are just so stunning! I want an overskirt too now :D

  7. I really adore your work! I have already been admiring it on Instagrama and am always excited to see you work on new projects :)