03 September 2012

Fabric Finds! New Shabby Fabric Prints + Share your Floral Creations with me!

I got lots of lovely input from friends and people all over the interwebs about the Toile Bustle Skirt from my last post! Everyone's wonderful comments made me so happy, and I'm glad people admire my work! I got feedback also from the Sew_Loli community on Livejournal, my personal Facebook, and Tumblr. I only hope to continue creating more beautiful things!

I sold the skirt to my friend, and fellow Lolita, Aly~ 
(visit her Lolita and aesthetic lifestyle blog here, Her Lumpyness)
When she finally has opportunity to wear it and shares photos I'll be sure to share them here.

Now to some fabrics!
I was recently browsing my favorite fabric website, Shabby Fabrics, that I've reviewed and raved about in the past, and they've released a really wonderful floral collection called Rosie's Love Letters.

They're beautiful florals, printed on quilters weight cotton, perfect for Classic or Sweet-Classic Lolita garments. I think the colors are divine, and I wish I could buy a few yards, but I still have much too much stuff hoarded from them to justify it!

So in turn I share it with all of you!
Here are some of my favorites...
(click the thumbnail to follow a link to the fabric page!)


I do think I love them all though! There are so many, ones for every style!

Also I must share a link list of all my favorite Shabby Fabrics floral collections! Be sure to check them all out my fellow seamstresses!
In no particular order...

Or just check out all their florals by hovering over "View By Design" and clicking "Florals"
Their "Angels" category also always yields some lovely things!

So there's my quick little fabric post for you all, I hope you enjoyed! I also wonder if any other lolita seamstresses have used some of Shabby's prints in their recent lolita garments? I'd love to see pictures of some things you all have done if you have!

And even if its not from Shabby, let me see ways in which you have utilized florals! 

Floral prints are my favorite thing in Lolita (and outside of Lolita fashion as well), and I couldn't get tired of using them!

In small news, I've lowered prices on my Crocheted Flower Clips if anyone is interested! Please have a look, share with your friends who may be interested as well, I really need them gone!

As always, thank you for reading, following me, and for all your admiration!