23 August 2012

Robin's Egg Blue Bustle Toile Skirt Complete!

So it turns out I managed to crank out one more skirt before it was time to go back to school! Classes start Monday, and no I'm not too happy about that, but it is my final year and I plan to make the best out of it that I can. 

Anywho, now to my lastest creation!
But first a little back story...

A friend of mines bought this fabric online with the intent of having it for a dress she wanted. However, when she got it in the mail, she realized how big the motifs were of the toile, and also she didn't like the color, so the idea was scrapped, so in turn she passed the fabric along to me! (Turns out she has others thats she bought that she wants to pass along, man I couldn't ask for a better friend o.o! Will probably do a commission for her with some.)

I kept the fabric for well over a year in a drawer not really knowing what I was going to do with it, in fact that was the case with a multitude of printed fabrics that I had acquired. 

Note the evidence of my hoarding...

Just as an aside, from this pile, I've used two, this skirt being the top, my last skirt being the second, and the last one in the pile, Alexander Henry's Midnight Pastoral, being in progress for a JSK, more on that later. 

So I got some inspiration, figured out how to work something out. This fabric was a remnant, just over a yard in length, and the print was just...HUGE! Somehow I was able to cut it in a way that the motif was centered, and even matched along the side seams. I call that an accomplishment!

I got to work. There wasn't enough for a front and back of a skirt evenly, so I thought "Hmm, why not do a bustle back then?"

And that's what I did! 
Okay enough of my chatter, time for some finished pictures!

The Front

The print is a Braemore original (look up some of their prints, they are beautiful. Intended for home decor, but they work just as fantastically in lolita) 

I centered it nicely, and aren't the colors beautiful? My camera doesn't do it justice at all!

The front high waist. I decided to make the fabric in the center panel match the back bustles, it's a brown cotton woven. I used a beige poly soft and drapey rachel lace for an overlay. It's shirred and has ivory grosgrain ribbon lacing. As an extra detail, I ruched some lace on the princess lines. 

An upshot~

And now for the back, three brown cotton woven bustle ruffles with the same lace overlay. I really love lace overlay! I have a lot of this left, so I will probably be using it on like...everything!

The back waist is also shirred. This skirt is certain to be a comfortable fit, and fits a nice size range (26"~32" waist to be specific)

It kind of looks like it gets longer in the back but it doesn't really. Though the lace overlay hangs down a bit, and I kind of like that effect, it wasn't really intentional. Yay for awesome mistakes!

I'm very pleased with the outcome. This is definitely a favorite of mines in terms of the lolita garments I have made so far.

I should also mention that this is for sale!

First the sizing specs:
Waist: 26" ~ 32"
Length: 22" from waist

Fabric specs
Print - 100% Drapery Cotton
Lace - 100% Polyester
Brown - Poly-Cotton Blend Woven

Asking price: $180 + shipping and paypal fees
Email me at markt5e [at] aol [dot] com for inquires. 
Happily sold!

Thanks for looking! Hope you all like it!

Also I still have Crochet Flower Accessories up for sale in my previous post, prices are still very negotiable, don't be afraid to make an offer!

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