12 September 2014

Completion: Classical Floral Dress in Bordeaux FINALLY + UPDATES - New Blog!

So I finally finished this dress. I started it before I left for Japan this past August (yes I was in Japan for about 2 weeks! More on that later...) I had planned on bringing this dress with me on my trip, but I didn't finish it, and in fact, did not wear lolita once while on my first trip to Japan.


But I had my reasoning. It was August. It was hot. It was my first time traveling such a far distance on my own, and packing lolita clothes would have made the trip so much more difficult.

Anyway, this is a sewing blog right? So lets talk about that instead shall we?

As an aside, I started a new blog! It's called "My Life's Libretto", and you can find it over at libretto-macabre.blogspot.com! Excuse the basic layout, I will change it soon. I thought I should start a blog for my life outside of sewing, since I really missed writing and archiving things about my life like I used to on LiveJournal back in it's heyday. It's not as private as LJ was, but it's fine. I share what I can, and I'm not shy about speaking my mind!

There is only one entry, which is an introduction, but I will be writing in detail about my Japan trip over there, so if you are interested, please feel free to follow me. I will be reminiscing on the trip, the country, and my experiences. After that, general life stuff, daily life, thoughts, and Lolita-related stuff outside of sewing (but it may overlap sometimes.) I hope you will visit me over there.


This dress is done! It features this gorgeous bordeaux cotton floral which I of course, like all other fabrics, bought from ShabbyFabrics.com (which lately has been disappointing me a bit, good though because I still have so much fabric in this house.) On to the photos!

This dress features this beautiful embroidered tulle lace like my previous dress. This time at the front bodice as well as at the hem. The dress pattern is basically the same, minus the bustle and shirring at the front, but they look like two completely different dresses right? The magic of fashion design. 

I used those gold rose buttons again for the detachable ties, you may remember me using the same ones on some of my previous projects. They are a nice touch.

Featuring the shirred back panel and corset lacing. You know the usual. I used red grossgrain ribbon here as I did with the front waist ties. 

And now for some random detail images...

I also put together a near complete coordinate for this dress. I will be debuting this piece at RuffleCon 2014. RuffleCon is a new convention for Lolita and Alternative Elegant fashion, taking place in Hartford, Connecticut this coming October 3rd weekend. I will be wearing this outfit at the Sunday Tea Party!

I'm still missing shoes and a purse, and jewelry and things, but at least I have a blouse (I bought this one in Innocent World in Harajuku, it was on sale! It's a little big on me, since all they had was L size, but under the dress you can't even tell.) The floral headpiece, I unfortunately did not make, instead I bought it at H&M. It was only $15, so I couldn't pass it up!

And that's it everyone! I wish I completed this dress faster, well I kind of did, but the last minute finishing touches took me some time (aka I was lazy.) But hey it's finished now right? I'm really happy with it!

In other thoughts, I really need to re-cover my dressform. I love how vintagey she looks, but she makes all the clothes I keep on her smell all old and moldy, well because she is old...1989 model, and she wasn't well taken care of. She's got water damage and is ripped to near shreds at this point. I got her in a contest my college had held giving away old dressforms. So yea, she's very used and abused, and only deteriorating further...sigh.  I wish I could have her professionally reupholstered, but that costs nearly just as much as buying a new form. So sad. 

Now to take these things off and air them out. I can't with the moldiness. 

Hope you like it! I don't know what my next project is going to be...I have a few options. My hugest plan at the moment is to sew a black bonnet for my RuffleCon Masquerade outfit (since I won't be wearing a handmade dress, I need to make at least some part of my outfit!) I'm also thinking of making a black organza overskirt a la Haenuli to go over that dress I'll be wearing...we will see. I work full time so said things aren't easy. 

After RuffleCon it's back to your regularly scheduled programming. I'm going to be doing a lot of sewing and pattern work in the coming months, and I promise you all will be hearing about it!

Wish me luck!

Until next time...