15 January 2013

Sorry for the long quietness here! Upcoming Project underway! + Bonus Completion

Happy New Year everyone!
Five days ago I also made the age of 21, Happy Birthday me, haha!

It seems to be commonplace here that I have long unannounced hiatuses, but my reason being is always   my very busy schedule. My last semester of college is coming up and whoa will it be a doozy, Senior Fashion Show and an Internship? (On top of that, a History course and Creative Writing course...aye...) I will make the best of it, but I'm afraid it will probably be quiet here for a long time again. 

Thank you everyone who has stuck around and still look forward to when I have the time to sew and share my work with you, hopefully once I finish college and have a more balanced and settled career life, I can start sewing for myself and others again. 

So now for the next project underway, that's been in the making for about a year and a half (shameful I know, but what can you do?)

Alexander Henry's Print Midnight Pastoral JSK
or "Death Toile" as I like to call it...

It features the traditional "Jamestown" Toile with a macabre twist. When I saw it in a fabric store in the local NYC Garment District I was ecstatic and bought it on the spot. I knew I had to do something amazing with it.

I decided to re-use and adapt the dress design from my Virgin Mary JSK I made a little while ago for this JSK.

Though there won't be beading lace on the hem, and I may put lacing in the back and the front, but I'm debating (It might be too busy?) The straps might also be shirred cap sleeves instead of flat, I've never done those so I'll see how that turns out. 

The bodice is a red cotton twill fabric, stiff but soft, a nice balance between the two. 

It's funny, I cut out all the pattern pieces for this dress sometime in August of 2012, right before my Fall Semester started. I said I was going to gradually sew it while in school but of course, like every year, it was impossible.

Being a Fashion Design student is tough guys, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Anyway, I hope to make progress on this JSK before I have to head back to school. I'll try to document the sewing progress as best as possible and keep everyone updated. I'm on Winter vacation at the moment, but I only have 2 weeks left, and they are dwindling away fast. I also have to come up with concepts for my Senior thesis, which is 2 Children's Wear looks to design and sew for the Spring Senior Fashion show. 

On the topic of Children's Wear, I've yet to share any of my garments here, so as a bonus completion, here is one of my favorite creations, this Girls Wool Coat Dress I made as my final project in my Children's Outerwear class.

It's fuchsia flannel wool with cotton velveteen accents and frog closure. I really love how it turned out!

If you would like to see more Children's garments in the future, do let me know! This will be my career path after all! I love Children's Wear and it's probably going to be what I stick with. 

Thanks everyone for reading!