19 November 2010

Mini Update: Busy busy!

Hello everyone~
And hello new followers! I Currently have 55 of you guys following my blog, thank you very much for your support!

Just came to say that I'm sorry for the lack of an update! I'm currently very busy with final projects in college. My final garment for my Draping class is in the works. I'll be making a purple silk taffeta evening gown with a black lace neckline detail. No real progress has been made yet besides the draping/patternmaking stage (the boring stuff haha), but I promise pictures of the completed gown once it's done. It's due for me on December 16th! Less than a month!

The theme is to design a red carpet dress for a celebrity of your choice, I chose Natalie Portman because I absolutely adore her~

Along with this garment, of course I have final projects in every single one of my other classes, Fashion Art, Illustrator, Fashion History (yes I do take a fashion history course, isn't that awesome?), and then on top of all that I have finals for my liberal arts classes as well!

Wish me luck!

I shall resume sewing for myself, commissions, and random things as soon as the semester is over :) Look forward to it! I'll be investing a lot of time into sewing during my winter break.

And sort of unrelated to sewing yea, but I've added some blog widgets! I added a link to my poupeegirl account, a mixpod playlist of some of my favorite tracks (I assure you that's only like 1/8 of all the music I listen to though, I like a lot of music), and a little link list of other places I can be found on the internet. 

Soon I want to add a link list to some of my favorite blogs as well!

Take care everyone, I hope your all well. Enjoy your pre-holiday~

Oh and I almost forgot!
I put up my Brown Toile High Waist Bustle Skirt up for sale on egl_comm_sales yesterday!
Here is the link if you are interested, click the picture~