04 December 2013

Brand New Updated Blog Layout!

Jut a quick post to say I updated my blog layout to a more lighter classical look. I was getting tired of how dark it was. I was in the mood for a change. How do you all like it? It's foreshadowing for the influx of Classic Lolita garments on their way!

Art credit goes to artist Kira Imai (many of you probably recognize her work, she's one of my favorite artists)

Sadly the Midnight Pastoral JSK I was working on has come to a standstill yet again. Every invisible zipper I used on the dress split! I admit I'm a little fed up with the dress now so I put it away until I'm ready to change the zipper again. I think I will have to opt for a metal tooth zipper. The fabric is just too thick on the bodice (it's a cotton twill). It alway splits at the waist seam because of the bulk. It's very frustrating.

However, I did work on a design for a new dress! Here it is... (capped from my Instagram)

This dress however is for me, it won't be for sale. I can't remember the last time I made myself a lolita garment, I need more things!

My goal is to finish this by the end of February.

And that's it for now! Until next time. If I get the motivation to replace the zipper on that dress, expect you will see it here first!