10 August 2015

Cross Post~ Lilith et Adalia: Women's Collection - Dress One - "Vienna de Lune" Chemise Dress Debut

Cross Posting from our Blog over at Lilith et Adalia! Our first Women's Wear Collection piece is complete and will be going up for sale on our Etsy Shop this Wednesday August 12th at 8PM EST!

Just a few images on my end. 
See more detailed photos and get more information in the original blog post!

It's been a little quiet around here but I've been keeping busy! I have a ton of projects in work in the next few months. If you follow me on my Facebook Page or my Instagram, I post what I'm working on much more often and you can see pieces literally as they come to fruition in real time.

Rufflecon is fast approaching, so I have two dresses to make for myself before the weekend of October 2nd! I will be wearing handmade dresses and accessories all weekend long!

I will be here with detailed photos of everything I have made as son as they are complete!

Thank you for viewing, and I would love it if you all could support Lilith et Adalia too, which soon I will be exclusively selling the things I make under that name. Many of you have been following my work for years and I appreciate you all sticking around this long!

With love,
Aria Macabre

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