29 November 2015

Powder Blue Floral Rococo Inspired One Piece Dress Completion

I'm back with my most recent project! This dress is about five years overdue, and I actually finished it in September right before Rufflecon, but I've been a bit busy (ahem more like lazy, haha) recently so I only got to take official photos today!

This dress is remotely inspired by the Mary Magdelene OP here. I really liked this dress, and I wanted to make one like it for years. I bought this floral fabric from the Mary Rose Collection around 2010-2011, and it sat in a drawer until very recently. I decided that I was going to push forward and make this dress in time for the Rufflecon High Tea. Let's jump into the photos now shall we?

The Front - Trimmed with self fabric hand done ruching ruffles, chinese braid, satin-organza ribbons, and ivory pearls. The center of the dress is made of off white cotton striped seersucker.

The Side - You can see the princess sleeves here trimmed with embroidered lace.

The Back - Originally I wanted to do a faux sacque back evoking the "Robe a la Francaise" but I ran out of floral fabric. I had only scraps left! 

Bodice Details - That last button is a little off I know, haha. The neckline ruffle is trimmed with looped cluny lace and Chinese braid.

I intended for the bodice to dip more in the front, but it didn't turn out as extreme, but it's okay. And boy, did that ruching take long. Again, it was all hand ruffled (my sewing machine ruffles for me, but I always have to hand adjust) 

Added this brooch detail last minute with some leftover ribbon and a button finding. It's removable.

I also added double looped bows with pearls. I made the bows myself and added the pearls to the centers.

A closeup of the embroidered lace on the princess sleeves. I also added bows here.

You can see the seersucker texture better here.

The embroidered lace is also on the hem attached to the lining. The looped cluny lace is on the hem of the dress too. And yes, I machine hemmed and serged the edges of all that ruching, crazy!

And there you go! Bonus picture of me wearing it at Rufflecon!

There are a lot of things I would change about this outfit, it was a bit rushed, but next time! This dress is so extravagant though that it's not at all for everyday wear. Next time I wear it, I will probably do an updo hairstyle or fancy ponytail, a natural colored wig, a pearl choker, and a large headpiece with feathers. And of course different shoes. 

I plan on making other Rococo styled OP's in the future. There is so much variation that can be done! I also want to try my hand at a more authentic longer length gown. 

Thanks for viewing! I have more projects underway. Soon I will be preparing for Rufflecon 2016 where Lilith et Adalia will be showing in the fashion show and selling in the Marketplace! So it's about to be a very busy year. Expect lots of progress posts!

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