19 January 2015

"The Walking Museum" - BONUS - Accessories Post

So to accompany this collection, I made coordinating headdresses!
[If you haven't already, see the coordinating collection: Part I | Part II | Part III]

I made both a circular and rectangular headdress and adorned them with gold details as with the garments from the collection. Both bases are made from the black flocked fabric I used in the garments from the collection.

Let's begin with the photos!

The Circular Headdress ($35) - SOLD
Adorned with black embroidered lace, a gold embroidered ribbon, chiffon and mesh detachable flower, gold tassel, and black and green removable feathers. 

[Click the photos to revel the gallery]

I used the reverse side of the embroidered ribbon mistakenly when making the bow, but it's still quite pretty.

Images flat.

The Rectangular Headdress ($45) - SOLD
Made with two styles of embroidered tulle laces, one embroidered with flowers, the other with tiny bow shapes. It has the same embroidered ribbon bows, but on each side. There is also striped organza ribbon cascading at the sides as well. On top I've stitched the coordinating gold metallic Chinese braiding. This was made to directly coordinate with the trims on the One Piece Dress.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out! I haven't made a rectangular headdress since my first attempt at making one in 2007, and it was quite a failure (scratchy black raschel lace and all...) So I'm glad I was able to create something so much more beautiful now. I plan to make one for myself soon, as these ones will be at first for sale to the buyers of the pieces in the collection, and then open to others to buy otherwise. 

Some flat photos!

I love making accessories. They don't take very long and the results are instantly gratifying. 

I hope you all liked them, thanks for viewing!
Comments highly appreciated!


  1. You did such a nice job with these accessories. They're probably my favorite part of this whole series.

  2. Wow really? Thank you so much! I really love them too and will definitely be making accessories to accompany every single project I make in the future.