17 January 2015

"The Walking Museum" Part Two: Winter 2015 Mini Collection - High Waist Skirt

Here we are, it's Part Two! Today detailed images of the High Waist Skirt will be revealed! Part One of this series was posted yesterday if you haven't already seen it. Part Three goes up tomorrow, Sunday January 18th, at 12PM EST.

Let's jump right into it shall we?

The Walking Museum
High Waist Skirt

The Front
The waist is made of the same flocked fabric that is used throughout. This time I utilized corset lacing differently, using it at the side princess panels of the skirt. The princess panels are also boned here using the same plastic encased boning as with the Underbust JSK. I used a different organza ribbon for the lacing here as well, but it is still black x gold keeping with the theme. 

The Side
The frame motif is mirrored somewhat and all the frame edges match.

The Back
Both the front and back center panels have shirring. This makes the skirt super comfortable on and easy fitting. I tried it and there is such a nice amount of breathing room despite the fact that it has boning. Miraculous eh? I was pleasantly surprised. It's like the boning isn't even there but the structure holds up nicely. The back also has detachable waist ties made out of black grosgrain. 

Closeup of the shirring panel at the front. 

I'm so pleased at how this lacing looks! And yes it is functional and removable!
Also note the power mesh ruching and Chinese braid trim like in the Underbust JSK. I kept it cohesive. 

You can see the detachability of the waist ties here. I used brass buttons with royal emblems.

Henry VIII's lurid glaring. At first I cringed at the thought of putting him on a garment and I thought others would too, but apparently he's quite popular among my admirers!

I just love this braiding so much, it was really the perfect touch. Same with the simple cluny lace hem and this time, power mesh ruffle attached to the lining of the skirt. 

I managed to trim all the garments with a mixture of trims I already had hoarded and a few additional purchases.  I had the cluny lace and power mesh fabric on hand and it worked out so well. 

And that's everything here! Remember, the finale, the Empire Waist JSK, is coming tomorrow so look out for it!

Thank you for viewing!


  1. You know my love of everything high waisted and under bust so well! Seriously, this is such an amazing piece!

  2. So do I! I don't even like normal skirts anymore really, unless they are high waist! I don't even want to make normal skirts anymore really xD