16 January 2015

"The Walking Museum" Part One: Winter 2015 Mini Collection - 3 One of a Kind Handmade Pieces - Revealed!

Hello everyone!

I'm very happy and excited to share this project with you all! For the past three weeks I have been posting progress photos and sneak peeks on my Instagram and Facebook for those of you who follow me. Many of you have shared with me your anticipation and excitement to see the full detailed photos and story of these pieces, and without further ado, I will bring them to you!

About the Collection

This collection came to fruition after one day I was browsing Instagram and came across a post by @chiffonrosegirl (Also known as xylia-x on tumblr, and owner of Chiffon Rose Shop in Melbourne Australia). I saw the fabric, fell in love, and knew that I needed to have it. She gladly bought a good bit of yardage for me (about 5-6 yards), which I paid her for and had it shipped all the way over to me in the USA. I got a great deal as the fabric was on sale and she had a discount! I cannot thank her enough for her help and service in me creating these beautiful pieces.

The bodice fabric, which you will see soon, a gorgeous black flocked polyester, I nabbed from a box of fabric that was going to be donated from my former job. It was perfect! I actually didn't take all of the yardage because I wanted to save some in case anyone else wanted, but I regret it! I should have taken it all since I think it all got donated anyway. Ah well, I thankfully had enough to complete three garments.

The collection consists of an Underbust Jumperskirt, a High Waist Skirt, and an Empire Waist One Piece Dress. Each piece is one of it's kind, and adorned with gold details from lace, to ribbon, to Chinese braid trim.

Each garment is different, but keep the same general aesthetic and trim styles. All the pieces took about three weeks total to complete, that is all three completed in three weeks! It's the fastest I've ever created a series of garments in my life so far which averaged a garment per week. I had a few small setbacks, otherwise I'm sure I would have finished even sooner!

Before the collection was even complete, all items had been sold! My facebook friends began calling dibs on the pieces as I posted progress photos! It was so crazy, I had to wait list. I do not unfortunately have anymore of the bodice fabric, but I have some scraps of the skirt and I hope to do one or two pieces using them.

I wanted to keep one for myself, but everyone was so excited about it I decided to sell them all! I enjoy seeing my work on others so much more anyway.

In this installment, I will be sharing with you detailed images of the first piece of the collection...

The Walking Museum 
Underbust Jumperskirt

The Front
This piece has the longest length of all, and when I tried it on it just about hit my ankles without a petti! I'm 5' 3". When cutting I wanted to make sure not to cut off the motifs, so I cut the skirts according to the print repeat as much as I could. The repeat was about 26".

The Side
The ruffled blouse I coordinated with here is from Alice and the Pirates. Underbust bodices look most flattering from the side in my opinion!

The Back
Plain and simple here. I have more closeup images included below. The back is a simple shoulder princess line shape at the bodice, fitted in a sleek and simplistic way. The skirt is an all around showcase of the print. 

[Click the following photos to make them larger!]

The front bodice features four princess panels with flexible plastic encased boning. The center front panel is shirred and laced with gold x black striped organza ribbon. The bodice is also trimmed all around the neckline with ruched black power mesh and black Chinese braiding.

You can see the fabric and flocking details a bit clearer in these photos.

You can also see the large Chinese braid I used around the bottom - which also can be seen in each and ever piece. However, here I used embroidered tulle lace at the skirt hem edge.

The bodice zips at the side with a lapped zipper. 
This Moss Marchen cross necklace and "baby arm" chain also go perfectly here.

A touch of faux fur.

And that's all for part one! Part two will be available Saturday, January 17th 2015 at 12PM EST! The High Waist Skirt will be featured in full! Then the One Piece Dress on Sunday January 18th, same time!

Thank you for viewing and look out for the subsequent posts!


  1. So super jealous of whoever got that onepiece, that is just to die for.

  2. This is so gorgeous! I seriously can't wait to see the other pieces in the series!

  3. Haha yes it's actually my favorite of the three! I wanted to keep it but I decided to sell it since so many people were interested.

  4. Thank you so much!! I can't wait to reveal everything in full!

  5. OMG! I'm so sad right now because I couldn't buy something from this series. Everything is so gorgeous!

  6. Thank you so much! The pieces went crazy fast! They all had been sold before I would even finish them, it was astounding. But I hope I create something that may interest you in the future! I have many projects in the works at the moment!

  7. You did beautiful work on this series!

  8. Thank you so much! I do feel as though its my best work yet!