06 June 2014

My First Post of the Year in JUNE? I'm back again!

Shame, shame, SHAME on me! My dearest followers, who I do hope still exist here, I have returned after what, a 6 month hiatus? It was completely unannounced and I honestly did not mean for it to happen. But so much has happened in the past few months that I've neglected blogging, and I honestly regret it!

But, no more apologies, lets just get right back into the swing of things!

As many of you may know, with the help of my dearest friend Jennifer, we have successfully opened our Etsy Shop, Lilith et Adalia, where we sell one-of-a-kind Children's dresses. Read my post here where I first discussed it.

We worked on the collection for about 8 months and released it in March of this year. However, we have yet to make a sale since! We have gotten a lot of admiration, but the buyers just aren't coming in. Honestly, Etsy isn't the best platform for design businesses anymore (with the influx of factory made items consuming the webspace), but we felt that it was the best starting point for us. We hope to open our own website one day.

If you could all do us a favor and share our shop with everyone you know, it would mean a lot to us. Also, if you have any ideas for marketing strategies to target the proper audience, that would also be helpful! Feel free to also read through our blog and see all that we have done. You can see full photos of all the garments and read more about them all. It's been a slow start but this is only the beginning. We are optimistic.

Here's a screencap of our blog, click the photo or HERE to visit our blog, and please do check out all our other social media sites!

So, in the past month, I've also revisited Lolita sewing! It remains a true passion for me and it's definitely not something I plan to ever stop doing.

I've revisited an old project! Read here where I first ever mentioned this dress what, like 3 years ago? Crazy. I guess there comes a time for everything to eventually happen. I'm making two dresses simultaneously at the moment actually, this one and the Red Floral Dress I mentioned in my previous post.

Photo time? I think so. Taken from my Instagram, you can find my link on the blog sidebar, or check out the hashtag #dixmacabresewing

Fancy photo effects. I can't believe this dress is 3 years in the making.

Bustle coming to life.

I think I've finally perfected this shirred raglan sleeve style. I did it first successfully on two of the dresses I did for Lilith et Adalia, and now I'm pro at them all around I think I can say.

Collage time!

I love how it's coming out so far!


I'm so excited to complete this dress! Once it's finished I will be putting up for sale here and various places on the web. This dress will feature front and back shirring, back ribbon lacing, a front 3 tiered bustle, and more! This dress will be able to fit a US Size 4-8 approx. I will take more accurate measurements once I'm done. 

Now for project two, which is a dress for ME! So excited, I love this fabric!

I'm missing some components for this dress, I need embroidered tulle lace and I'm not finding the particular ones I like locally. I may poke around online for something. I wanted to do a self fabric ruching panel around the hem like I have drawn, but sadly I ran out of fabric! So I need to alter the design a little. I'll see what I decide to do.

I also have two new designs that I'm ready to start right after I finish these two. I've been on a roll! The dress on the left is a tea-length dress with a double ruffle in this lovely brown floral fabric. I'm debating on whether I want to do this in a bigger size (about a US 10-12) to cater to a different size range than I usually do, but I'm not sure if the bodice side panel lacing will lend itself well to a larger figure (especially if you're busty, I don't think it's the best idea) so we will see. If not 10-12, then 8-10? It will also be a nice dress for taller lolitas. This dress will of course then be for sale. 

The dress on the right is mines and it will also utilize the side lacing detail. The fabric is a beautiful lilac floral with a postage-like background. Very elegant. 

My goal is to finish off my fabric stash with various Lolita and Children's Wear projects by the end of the year. I have such a big hoard and it's time to make something of it. 

Thank you for reading! See you in my next post where I will have a completed dress to show!

(Oh and in case you are wondering what happened to this dress? Well, I had a bad zipper mishap and haven't touched the dress in months sadly. Hoping to go back to it one day but for now, it's shelfed.)

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