02 November 2013

I'm back! With a project in progress? No you're not dreaming!

Hello Followers! Are you all still here? I know I've been so bad at keeping up this blog, and trust me I feel awful about it, not only because I've been neglecting you all, but also because the frequency of my sewing and creating had dismally fallen. I didn't post because I wasn't creating anything to post!

My life has become quite busy. I was promoted in my job, good news yes, but it also meant less time for my crafts. I'm still at Kahn Lucas, but I'm now the Assistant Designer to the Infant/Toddler Mid-tier division of the company, no longer an intern at the Dollie & Me division. It's wonderful, but also more stressful. I get home sort of late and I'm often too tired to do much anything. On weekends I get preoccupied with other things and other people, not that those things are a waste of my time, but I'd been feeling unbalanced in life and now I'm making steps to changing that.

I'm also quite busy with building my collaboration brand for girls with my friend Jen, Lilith et Adalia (as I mentioned and linked in my previous post here), and that too has kept me away from Lolita projects.

But again I feel motivated to create in every aspect of my interests, and even though it is hard doing so much, it brings me so much joy that no matter how tired I am I must do it. I must create beautiful things in every form that I enjoy. This is what truly brings me fulfillment in life and I must never forget that.

And saying this, I will kickstart my plans to create by sharing with you all some previews of the progress I have made on my long awaited Midnight Pastoral Jumperskirt that took me ages for no reason.

I would have finished it today but the invisible zipper I was putting in broke, and now I have to go buy a new one next week. It's a real bummer.

Creating the front shirring.


Testing out the corset lacing. Trying contrast ribbon, what do you all think?

I will have nicer, detailed, and better lit photos of the dress soon! These were taken from my Instagram, haha (I'm dixmacabre on there if you would like to follow me, I post mainly creative stuff.) 

I feel like the bottom is a little plain, but I don't know what else to add and I'm tired of putting beading lace on everything I make. Maybe the print speaks enough for itself and I should leave it at that? I'm also adding waist ties tot he back but I'm unsure if they should be ribbon or self-fabric. Decisions decisions... 

That's all for now. Once I finish the dress next week I will post the completed photos! It's about time this dress was near completion...I cut out the pieces for it in August of LAST YEAR. Now see that's a huge problem! No more of this madness! I must finish things from now on. 

I also need to update the layout of this blog. Its really dark and boring. I need to create a custom banner and brighten the place up a bit. I will work on that soon. 

Expect to see more of me! Sorry I'm always gone for so long, but life really has gotten in my way over the years. First it was school, now it is work. I won't give up though. I need to follow my dreams. 

See you in my next post!

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  1. Glad to see you back! I've missed seeing your projects!