10 November 2013

In which I collect fabrics instead of making things out of them...this must end!

I'm a fabric hoarder. I really am. I see pretty fabrics and I just buy them without anything in mind to make with them. Then said fabrics sit in a bin/drawer for months, and at this point years without being touched. I just pull them out now and again, look at them, and then woefully put them away.

I want that cycle to stop.

When I first got into lolita I was so excited to delve into sewing my own lolita clothing. It was fun and exciting, and a great learning experience. I sewed my first lolita garments in High School, and I did a lot research and experiments before I attempted at making anything real. It worked out, and I've created lots of very lovely things as the years have gone by.

But there is also so much I havent made. I have plenty of ideas, folders on my computer full of sewing inspiration images, lists of ideas on things I want to create, all of which haven't gone far. There are a lot of factors that contributed to this lack of creation, some of which I touched upon in my previous post. But I can't allow myself to fall into a deep embittered melancholy over the fact that I haven't been able to do as much as I wanted. It simply comes down to...

"Well, just go on and try now."

I will.

Recently I went on a bit of a spree and bought about $100 worth of fabric yardage over at Shabby Fabrics, you know, the site that I'm always raving about time and time again. Well, they got me yet again! And on top of this I still had 3 other prints I bought back in mid-2011 that were sadly sitting in a drawer. Now I've set them out so I can see them as a reminder to make the pile shrink.

I bring photos of said fabrics! Click the photo to see the larger image!

These four are my newest and recent purchases. The fabrics are currently still available. I would do some poking around in their "Florals" section if you're interested in buying stuff from them. They have some to die for fabrics. I can never resist! The cottons are amazing quality and so worth the price (about $10 per yard). The two on top I am keeping to make Lolita JSKs for myself, the bottom two I am making things to sell off. Not sure what they are yet, but I am going to be sketching out some ideas. I'll be sure to share them here once I do!

Now these three may seem quite familiar, as they are the old prints I purchased. I posted the one on the bottom here before. I planned to make an OP out of it, but I ened up scrapping the original plan. I may revisit it. The first one pictured here, the blue one, I'd planned awhile ago to make an elaborate Rococo inspired OP from it. I might have sketched something once, but I would have to dig it up. I was inspired by that I think it was Victorian Maiden (or was it Mary Magdelene?) OP that had a very Rococo aesthetic. 

I plan on making brand new lolita patterns for all of these. I want to try out some new construction details, cuts, and silhouettes. I also need to alter my sizing standards, as the standards I used to use I am now too small for. Though I make everything with shirring, I still have to size things a little more carefully for myself going forward. I'm planning to create a size range that encompasses US Women's aprrox. size 2-6 (about a 32"-36" bust, 24"-30" waist with shirring) and then another range that encompasses 8-12 (36"-42" bust, 30"-36" waist). It will be tricky though. Everyone no matter what is shaped differently, but I do want my garments to be able to fit a range of sizes, so I have to work in a lot of adjustable details into them. 

Some silhouettes in Lolita clothing I want to try that I never have are Empire waist bodices, raglan sleeves, 3/4" sleeves (or sleeves in general for that matter). I want to play with difficult fabrics like chiffon, organza, and georgette. I want to dig through my inspiration photos for design details I've never tried. While I'm on the subject, here are some random images from my folders as some preliminaries!

Classical Bustles, Underbust (which I have done both, but I want to do more!) 

Bodice and sleeve detailing, Openings with Ruffle details. 

 More shirred raglan sleeves (tried it on the Midnight Pastoral JSK, but it needs refining), Fully gathered bodices.

Historically inspired dresses (Photo credit to Lieschenr), Interesting lace details.

I also want to delve into accessories again. Especially bonnets. I've yet to ever make a bonnet. Half bonnets are more appropriate though. I really want to try some! There are also jackets, corsets and bustiers, underskirts, and more. But I can't spread myself thin! I must focus on one thing at a time. 

So there we have it. I need to stay inspired and motivated. Seeing my Lolita sewing dreams come to life will bring me so much joy, I can't even truly fathom it. After its all done I will look upon myself with so much accomplishment. Now enough talking and more doing! Sketches coming soon! First i will sketch them by hand and then on the computer for a nice clean presentable look!

See you all soon! I'm posting more, go me!


  1. Those fabrics look divine! I always enjoy your posts of what you're working on, so inspiring, I can't wait to see more.

  2. I can't blame you. I love to collect pretty patterns and fabrics.
    If I had more money, I'm sure my collection would quadruple, at least.

    I love Lolita clothing silhouettes; they're really lovely.
    Accessories are something to take little by little.

    That way when you don't feel too inspired for a whole garb, you can challenge yourself with minor additions like that, ye.

  3. I'm sure if I had more money I would have had a lot more myself! But the most valuable thing to me right now is time. No more buying until everything I have is made into something :) I have to be disciplined.

    You are right about the accessories. They are quick to do's and are just as satisfying to create, but on a smaller scale. I get so hung up on large projects, but small ones here and there wouldn't hurt.

    Thanks for your comment!

  4. Aren't they? I swear they bring a tear to my eye, haha. And thank you! It's comments like these that keep me going and motivated!

  5. I can't wait to see what you make! I have a similar [but not quite so lovely] stash that I plan on attacking between uni semesters ^__^

  6. I'm excited too! Good luck to you with your projects too!

  7. Well you know I'm excited. I want to commission you for a few pieces actually. ALL BLACK EVERYTHING~!

  8. Super late reply, but yes to all black everything! In due time I will be open to commissions again.

  9. I'm glad others share my pain!
    I'm excited to see them become garments too! It'll be a relief!