31 May 2013

Part Two: My Process Film - Documenting My Creative Process Through Filmography

I had a class this past semester called E-Portfolio, in which we had to make an interactive pdf of our design portfolios. In addition tot his, we were instructed to create our own process films.

Since I had no previous history in creating videos, I recruited the help of my dearest boyfriend (check out his youtube channel here) to input some of his film expertise so to speak. Without him, I probably would have never gotten this done and I thank him so much.

Basically, our Process Film was to consist of photos and video of the creation of our fashion show garments and our inspirations. I sort of pulled something together at the very end, but all in all I think it came out nicely. I would love to do a better one someday, much more professional and self promoting. 

So without further delay, here you have it.
My Creative Process

I hope you enjoyed. Mainly basic video effects here. We didn't have much time to perfect it and my video and images weren't the best quality (neither is my camera), but if I ever do this again I promise it will be so much better. 

Thank you for viewing!

I hope to show you images from the photo shoot I had in my next post! Look forward to it! 

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