03 October 2010

The last of the Brown Toile...

So many of you probably remember my good old Brown Toile Jumper Skirt that I made about a year ago?
Well, since I had about 5 yards of the stuff, I was able to make two more pieces out of this same epic fabric!
I'm here with pictures of them for you all today!

First I'll start off with the commission I did for Maria, a lolita all the way from Sweden! It was the first commission I ever did, and its long over due that I post about it since I completed this back in January, haha. She made two posts about it on her personal blog here and here. Not only did I make a Jumper Skirt, but also a headdress to match which she pictured in the first link. I'm very proud of seeing her wearing my creation, and it's been very well received by others which makes me even happier.

Okay now for my own pictures! Sorry they are a bit dark, I took them at nighttime unfortunately.

Here's the front
DSC05435blog.jpg picture by dixmacabre

The back (fully shirred as all my pieces will be)
DSC05435blog.jpg picture by dixmacabre

And here are some detail shots
DSC05435blog.jpg picture by dixmacabre

DSC05435blog.jpg picture by dixmacabre

DSC05435blog.jpg picture by dixmacabre

The taffeta ribbon sash is detachable!
Now I really wish I made mines a long version, I love how this came out in this length.

Now for piece number two, and the last bit I could squeeze out of the yardage.
This wonderful high waist bustle skirt!

DSC05435blog.jpg picture by dixmacabre

Back with the lovely bustles, shirring and corset loops (I haven't put the ribbon ties in yet!)

Here's the side.

And another shot of the front for you.
DSC05435blog.jpg picture by dixmacabre

And lastly a closeup detail of the shirred front.

With the front and back being shirred, this skirt can fit a pretty good range of sizes, I'd say between someone with a 26"-32" waist max.

I won't be keeping this skirt by the way! It's for sale! As much as I love how this came out, I don't need two pieces in the same fabric. Not quite for official sale yet, but I'm trying to gain interest. My asking price for now is at $120 + shipping & insurance. I'm planning on putting it up for official sale within next month on my livejournal (punkneko66.livejournal.com) or I may consider putting it up on the egl_comm_sales, or even possibly Etsy once I decide what's best.

Thank you for reading! I have two more projects to post within the next week or so.
And hello new followers!

I also thought I'd reply to the comments on my last entry, (I should really go about installing a comment reply system like Disqus or something, probably later down the line.)

Ruth - I'm glad you like the new layout, and thanks for the compliments!

Tiff - Ah you don't really have to change your entire wardrobe for lolita, you can have just a few lolita pieces and still dress in your more usual way. I don't wear lolita everyday (not even most of the time) and I still have all my non-lolita clothes in my wardrobe to wear in a variety of different styles. I like fashion too much to stick to one thing :) I'm glad you like the things I've made though!

And Takato Yamamoto is an amazing artist, he really goes there with his artwork, which is something I love.

Aya - Haha yes this is totally my soul in the form of a webpage, minus my occasional sweet side!


  1. Love the back bustle and how "creamy" it looks. Great dress. How do you think up such cute things? I saw you might post some things on etsy. Do you have a shop there already?

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you like it~
    Well no I don't have a shop per say yet, but I have an account on there! It might take me awhile to get things going on there, so I'm not to sure about an official etsy shop yet, but maybe one day in the future! :)

  3. I love that fabric, and the sash, and the lace (lace with ribbon beaded through it is my favorite kind ^^ ), and...and everything. You inspire me in my own journey to becoming a loli seamstress!

  4. Wow, thank you very much! I'm so happy you said I inspire you, that means a lot to me! :D

  5. I love both of these pieces, the fabric is drop dead gorgeous and you really did it justice! You are my seamstressy inspiration :3

  6. Aww thank you so much for the compliments :333 You're so sweet! :D

  7. They're beautiful! And thank you so much for answering my question haha, i'm actually a little embarrassed now that I asked! I mean now I think about it and common sense just tells you that no one can dress lolita all the time, and yet I wondered XD!

    I absolutely love the bustle skirt but i'm not too good with high waist designs... i'd look like I have no torso :(.

  8. Ah don't be too embarrassed :) There are so much more misconceptions about lolita fashion, and what you thought is nothing compared to some things other people have thought! No worries~

    I'm happy you like the skirt! Yea it is true, high waist designs aren't always flattering on everyone, but there are always design details that suit people :D

  9. I think I just died a little inside ;o; that skirt is amazing!! If I had the money I would be all up on it. Soooo much love!

  10. Aww I'm glad you like it though~ <3 <3

  11. How pretty! I saw a fabric similar to this in Joann's, and wanted to make a dress out of it, but haven't bought the fabric yet because I am a totally novice sewer. Maybe I will soon though!